System of closure

The Dielle Modus closing systems separate the rooms and characterize them with their design, designed to perform multiple functions in modern living contents.

The closing systems proposed by Dielle Modus offer personalized and flexible design solutions, to fulfill multiple furnishing needs of the spaces. They are doors for small and large compartments or self-supporting walk-in closets, but they also fulfill the function of separating entire rooms in the house with stylistic lightness and design. Light is the great protagonist of the whole project, which makes crystal in all its forms the backbone, to create transparent borders that protect and separate without isolating. The systems are based on great technological research, which together with a contemporary design with attention to every detail characterizes each product. Sliding, suspended or floor-standing doors, folding closing systems, swing doors offer solutions to the many custom-made furnishing needs.

Versatile solutions for interior design

Designed to meet the needs of contemporary living, the Dielle Modus closing systems combine design, practicality and flexibility, solving any dimensional, aesthetic and design problem and allow you to make a space functional by coordinating harmoniously with the interior design of the environment .