A night system capable of responding to new needs and contemporary living styles. Solutions that allow you to better enjoy the present and that look to the future, conquering all the spaces of the house.

Dielle Modus signs a multifunctional sleeping area, in line with the most current trends. A place for relaxation, but also a creative and operational space in which to rest, cultivate ideas, communicate and work. Modularity, special elements, open compartments design the sleeping area, best expressing the company philosophy which becomes a lifestyle. Functionality and elegance design environments capable of changing according to your needs.
Systems that interpret the sleeping area in a dynamic and engaging way, to contain, organize, protect, but also to give us comfort and relaxation. Proposals designed for the sleeping area but capable of conquering the other rooms of the house as well. The collection is completed with beds and bedroom sets with a discreet elegance and a clean, linear design, designed to furnish interiors by coordinating materials and finishes, creating a unique style.

A renewed vision of private space

A broad vision, which intercepts the evolution of taste and new needs. Comfort, functionality, aesthetics dialogue to create unique environments that tell about us. Each element is designed to fit perfectly into the environment, creating new spaces and functions. Contemporary design proposals that interpret the sleeping area with style and originality.