Great experience in the furniture sector, a consolidated team that works to transform products into dreams and the support of a solid production group: this is Dielle's strength.

Founded in 1971 and protagonist of a highly successful entrepreneurial adventure, the company produces furniture and furnishing accessories for the sleeping and living areas, children's bedrooms, wardrobes and storage units.

Dielle's mission is to offer functional, accessible and built-to-last furnishing solutions. Each project is the result of constant research, sensitivity towards new trends, cutting-edge production processes. Each proposal is designed to enhance the environments and to make them more livable and comfortable, in line with the needs of contemporary living: from the organization and rationalization of spaces, to the design of multifunctional environments, in which the boundaries between day and night become thinner and they become smoother. What distinguishes Dielle is the flexibility and variety of the production offer, which allows you to design entire customized housing systems. The automation of processes aimed at customization and just in time solutions allows the creation of non-standard components and cutting to the centimetre.

Dielle has always been committed to fully respecting the environment and the health of those who, for years, will live in the spaces we furnish every day. For this reason it implements a strict quality system, which starts from the materials used: the company chooses the "Cuore Verde" eco-panels, made with recycled wood, and uses lead-free paints for the furniture finishes. Continuous investment in modern technologies makes it possible to optimize the use of materials to minimize waste.

In 2014 the Dielle Modus brand was born

Design meets functionality and gives life to furnishing programs for the living room that design versatile, modern and sophisticated spaces: this is the essence of the Dielle Modus collections.

wall equipped with DielleModus

Dielle Modus is the celebration of Made In Italy furniture: the meeting between quality of materials, innovation of production processes and the best design in planning. With Dielle Modus a new way of interpreting spaces is born: the great compositional freedom, the versatility of the system and the simplicity of the forms make the brand's proposals perfect systems for designing made-to-measure, warm and welcoming environments, in which to rediscover sensations of harmony and comfort. Each complement is designed by the best designers to meet the design needs, measurements and aesthetic elements of the environment in which it will be placed.