Discreet elegance, clean shapes, trendy shades and finishes: the proposals signed by Dielle Modus furnish the living room and the sleeping area, creating environments that invite you to share the most pleasant moments.

Milan, Paris, New York, Berlin.

Collections inspired by the modern life of the metropolis, where the encounter between essential design and functionality is essential. give life to modern and sophisticated environments. Each complement is; designed by our designers to meet the design needs, measurements and aesthetic elements that are used to furnish.
The common thread that unites each product is; a contemporary and refined design, aimed at well-being and comfort.
The Dielle Modus proposals are divided into systems for organizing the living room, solutions that furnish the sleeping area and closing systems that include doors for interiors and for walk-in closets.

At the heart of the philosophy of the collections we find the enhancement of living spaces and the different individual needs. The versatility of the system is expressed not only through the infinite compositional possibilities but also thanks to the various refined finishes, essences and colors that allow you to design the space according to your needs and personal taste.


Enrico Cesana

Architect and Designer, founder in 2005 of the homonymous studio in Monza, Enrico Cesana deals with industrial design, architecture and communication.
"I had never taken design into consideration, above all because every architect's dream is precisely to be an architect, but after two important professional experiences in important Milanese design studios, it was love at first sight"

He designs the Dielle Modus collections, interpreting the corporate DNA and enhancing its uniqueness and character. "The first product: how exciting ... the same emotion every time when creating a new prototype."

He likes to define his work with a quote from a great Master: "It is difficult to give an exact definition of an industrial designer, but I think it is clear what I define as a true industrial designer: someone who, working in a team, designs and creates real objects for real needs." (Achille Castiglioni)
"I consider myself a designer at the service of the company, in the positive sense of the term. I like working on uniqueness and character, and being different in every reality, my job is to be able to read the corporate DNA, and enhance it through projects capable of enhancing not only the corporate image but also turnover.
To have a good result, a feeling must be established between the designer and the company, an invisible thread that will allow us to understand each other with a glance, without words, to discuss and find the optimal solution.
Each product must be a mix of design, production and marketing, only then will it be successful!”