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Modularity and customization are the keywords of the LINE_UP living area collection by Dielle Modus, designed to meet the needs related to the concept of contemporary living. Not only large equipped walls therefore, but also wall units and base containers of different sizes, for customized compositions that make the most of the space. Great design freedom, to shape environments with creativity, given that each composition ensures elegance and rigor.

Freedom of design for great layout soluctions

They are visually light solutions, which alternate closed compartments and exposed shelves, to create impressive walls, even if the space available is limited. The numerous finishes and shades available and the meticulous attention to every detail make the Dielle Modus proposals the perfect solution for furnishing modern living rooms with elegance, but without forgetting practicality. The container modules allow you to order everyday objects and at the same time to enhance the environment and characterize it to the fullest.