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Dielle Modus responds to the contemporary living trend, which wants the home to be increasingly tailor-made, with fluid and flexible spaces, with modular systems bookcases, which combine elegance and functionality. The design is essential and personalized, the modularity wide, so that everyone can shape the most appropriate bookcase for their needs, whether they are to contain books and objects, separate rooms, exploit small spaces rationally. A collection inspired by the modern life of the metropolis, to be customized thanks to the various refined finishes, essences and colors that allow you to design the space according to your needs and personal taste.

Create your own bookcase with LINE_UP

Leaning against the wall or freestanding, the modular bookcases interpret the traditional home library in a contemporary key, with compositions with a sure scenographic effect, which define the aesthetics of living. Thanks to the great versatility of the LINE_UP program, the bookcase is transformed into the functional and aesthetic center of the living area. Playing with the wide range of colors and finishes available, combining shelves and doors, choosing contrasting backs with the structure, it is possible to create original and dynamic compositions, small architectures to look at, undisputed protagonists of domestic environments.